Valley Vets New Laboratory Website is Here is our new website developed to report results to clients, their employees, and their veterinarians.  It is a searchable online database that will allow for contemporary and historical analysis of what organisms are cultured from the samples you submit to our milk quality lab.  Dairy owners are able to control who has access to the results, and results are reported either via email, text message, or both.  It is also possible to import results from our laboratory website directly into individual cowcards in DairyComp, allowing for culture-based treatment decisions, or other culture-based protocols to be made within your dairy management software. All of our veterinarians are proficient with the website and can help owners set up their dairy to ensure that results get where they need to be.  We are currently signing up dairies, and in the process of transitioning from our old system that was labor intensive and somewhat cumbersome.  Should you need any assistance on your end, either in signing up your dairy, accessing results, or interpreting the results, please have a conversation with your herd veterinarian, or contact us.