Dairy Veterinarian Alden West joins the practice.

Alden hales from the forests of Maine where opportunities on local beef, dairy and goat farms solidified his passion for livestock and the people who work with them. He pursued and then earned a bachelor’s degree in animal science from the University of Maine in 2012. He then emigrated to Canada to study veterinary medicine at the Atlantic Veterinary College of Prince Edward Island, graduating in 2016. Throughout his academic career he worked on a variety of cattle operations from Alberta to Maine, and learning techniques from artificial insemination to milking. He moved to Tulare and began practicing dairy medicine upon graduation, and the balmy weather, gracious colleagues, and excellent dairies have made it home.

His professional interests include farm economics and advanced reproductive technology. In his free time he enjoys smoking beef, reading, news podcasts, and activities with his church community.

Chilling in his sandles.